Machine Shop

Where your diesel engine and component machining needs are taken care of promptly.

Founded in 1981, Associated Fuel Systems Inc., is the Largest Machine Shop in the Southeastern United States. When it comes to machining your Diesel engine or components we have the know-how and technology to undertake every task. Surfacing, boring, magna-fluxing, polishing, grinding, etc., we have the perfect set up to get the job done.

Below is a qualified list of the standard shop services we offer that put us at the top for all your Machining needs. Machining industrial diesels manufactured by Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Doosan, John Deere, as well as most other major manufacturers. If you don’t see a particular service, or are interested in more information, please contact us by email or phone.


Camshaft geometry is the heart of how an engine runs. Regulating three major events: WHEN the valves open (valve timing), HOW MUCH the valves open (lift), and HOW LONG the valves are open for (duration).  Here at Associated Fuel Systems we put each camshaft through a detailed inspection and polishing them to proper standards.

Connecting Rod Re-manufacturing

Associated Fuel Systems Inc., has the ability to recondition connecting rods with the finest equipment available. From using our Sunnen Rod Hones to magnaflux and inspect each rod, to our Sunnen rod boring machine to precisely machine center to center dimensions our recognized standard procedures are graded an A+ in accurate resizing of your connecting rods every time.


AFS has invested itself to having one of the finest crankshaft departments around. With large Peterson grinders, we can grind any crankshaft up to 14 feet in length. Polishing is done with variable speed polishers and special abrasives that allow us to put the proper finish on the crankshafts. Our crankshafts meet the tightest reconditioning specifications that the industry brings. Getting the backbone of your engine back to it’s original geometry with our proven methods is no problem. If it’s complex finish grinding of prototype crankshafts to diesel stroke modification and counterweighting, we are equipped to handle your most difficult tasks. Associated Fuel Systems Inc., has the precise tooling and experienced technicians to perform crankshaft repair in-house.


Machine Services

Cylinder Blocks

Our Cylinder block department is efficient and accurate. With our three large automatic Berco machines we have the ability to machine blocks 12 feet in length. This equipment, along with close attention to detail makes this department one of the most compelling and effective in the industry.

Cylinder Heads

Associated Fuel Systems, Inc. uses the latest tooling which enables precise surface finishes and sizing. Our head department is equipped to machine all manufacturers of diesel and natural gas cylinder heads. Our capacity is from small heads all the way up to the giant CAT 3600 series head which approaches 500 lbs. and has a seat diameter of over 4 inches. One of the added benefits of our seat and guide tooling is that we can vacuum test the finished product prior to assembly, a process that ensures quality and saves time. Being built around two key pieces of equipment: the Serdi 100 and a Peterson surfacer our head department is set up perfectly for production and accuracy. The Serdi 100 seat and guide machine can cut all three seats in one pass while maintaining concentricity of .002″. This provides an excellent seat for the valves to seal against. The Peterson uses CBN technology and produces exact roughness (Ra) consistently across the surface of the cylinder head.


AFS has a Sunnen HC1DP honing machine for finishing cylinders. Using Flex-Honing Tool procedures allows us to improve and do away with rough, torn, and folded metal caused by wear or prior machining. Coated with abrasive globules the flexible nylon strands adjust to an engines cylinder’s surface to create a flat, smooth, cross-hatch surface. Plateau hones allow this process to minimize ring fatigue at jumpstart, also limit oil consumption and provide a stable finish. We use the best to get the best results.

General Machining

Extremely well equipped to service all sorts of industrial components AFS is here for you. Whether it be surfacing, boring, crack detecting, polishing, grinding, or roll grinding, we are set up to handle the task. We provide solutions and understand the demands that this industry brings combined with the need for a high level of service.

Our CNC machining centers, lathes, welding and a heat treating oven allow us to repair components that many other machine shops would not attempt to salvage. Coupled with our staff’s knowledge and experience ensures quality and reliability on every job.


Here at Associated Fuel Systems Inc., we offer two types of magnafluxing, Magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant. First, being our magnetic particle inspection (Dry method). MPI is a nondestructive inspection method used for detection of surface and subsurface flaws in ferrous parts. Second is using a liquid dye penetrant. The dye process is for revealing crack or other informalities in ferrous and non-ferrous parts. We realize dependability, consistency and safety are a major concern in your inspection process and we don’t take this process lightly.

Custom services

Associated Fuel Systems Inc., also provides a wide variety of diesel services not listed above. If you don’t see a service listed, or aren’t sure specifically what you need, feel free to email or call.