At AFS, we sell more than just parts, we sell solutions. Our experienced personnel and modern well equipped facilities are here to support our customers every step of the way.

From buses, emergency vehicles and trucks to farm machinery and earth movers, we provide top of line work to keep the heavy duty industry moving. Also, don’t forget about your diesel powered pick-up! Whether it’s a Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, or a Chevrolet Duramax AFS is the place for the job!

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Truck Shop

truckWelcome to the AFS Truck Shop where your diesel truck repair options are endless. Offering a full service truck repair shop we can diagnose all your minor and major diesel repair needs down to the most difficult troubleshooting issues.

Specializing in light, medium, and heavy duty diesel, but we don’t stop there, we extend our services to specializing in CNG equipment, refrigeration units, generators and air compressors, off-road equipment and more.

Don’t waste time taking your diesel trucks to your regular mechanic. We have everything here in one place to get the job done. Diesel engines are what we do and we deliver nothing but the best!

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Engine Remanufacturing

enginessSpecializing in Diesel Engine rebuilds, we have been re-manufacturing engines for over 30 years. Associated Fuel Systems Inc. is the local authorized Cummins Dealer for New, Reman and Warrantied Parts. However, Cummins is just one of many, we specialize in an array of Diesel and CNG Engines from 1 cylinder to 16 cylinder. We re-manufacture all major diesel engines from Detroit Diesel, Doosan, Caterpillar, Mack, International, and Perkins just to name a few. All engines are dyno tested on a state of the art Super Flow Black Widow Engine Dyno.

Engine Components

Competing in today’s marketplace demands maximum equipment uptime. Unscheduled breakdowns must be resolved immediately to meet deadlines and control costs. AFS responds to these needs with rapid action offering new, exchange or in house remanufacturing options.

With over 35 years of remanufacturing experience, we have developed clearly defined standards for every step of the remanufacturing process. Each unit is carefully identified, completely disassembled and cleaned. Component parts are qualified and tested with wear parts being reconditioned or replaced. Units are then reassembled and the assembly is subjected to further testing and inspection before being packaged and inventoried.

If you have been replacing any of the below components with new assemblies, consider AFS’s component repair and remanufacturing services. Our work is fully warrantied. We can restore your components to like new condition for far less than new replacement costs.

Refurbishing Trucks and Equipment

itemsHere at AFS we take it a step further offering complete refurbishing options in firetrucks, buses, refuges trucks and over the road tractors. We offer three different levels of equipment refurbishing; Level A, Level B and Level C.

Level A remodel: Which includes new paint, tires, brakes, suspension, lights and other miscellaneous body work.

Level B: Includes with Level A along with all interior, such as dashboards, panels, seat recovering, gauge repair or replacement. All gauges are inspected then repaired or replaced to OE quality. Level B refurbishing is where the specific nature of the vehicle receives more of a detailed finish.  Ex. Firetrucks and their outriggers are checked and inspected, hydraulic pumps are checked, repaired and replaced upon needs. Level B package is where the piece of equipment is brought back to full operational condition as if it were new.

Level C: Provides both A and B refurbishment complete with a  powertrain rebuild. Starting with the engine, we tear down the engine to remanufacture all components. We also complete this package by rebuilding the transmission, rear end, differentials, power dividers and all other powertrain equipment specific to completely turning the vehicle into like new conditions.

The levels listed above are basic overviews of the different options we offer. Each refurb package is tailored specifically to the piece of equipment and needs of the customer. Operations can be added or subtracted upon customers request. Call today and get your refurb quote!!

Transmission Remanufacturing

transmission_detail-2AFS is proud to announce that transmission remanufacturing has been added to our long list of service options! Specializing in Allison Transmissions, our AFS experts will give new life to your old transmission. All remans start with our commitment to you, the customer, the commitment to using genuine parts & original factory building specifications.

We build all of our transmissions from the ground up. Meaning we begin by carefully identifying each transmission. Then they are disassembled and cleaned. Next, each part is carefully inspected and qualified to determine if and what new components may be needed or reconditioned. Transmissions are then reassembled and subjected to rigorous testing before being prepared for install or shipment.

Click the link for more information. Transmission Service Options

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Mobile Service Calls

Associated Fuel Systems now offers on-site Fleet Maintenance & Service Calls to all of Metro Atlanta and parts of the South East.

Our experienced service technicians perform onsite machine work such as, cutting top decks for: 

  • Detroit Series 60
  • CAT
  • Cummins
  • International
  • Mack

We can also perform minor repairs and preventative maintenance services onsite. Below are just a few examples:

  • Replace injectors
  • Welding
  • A/C Repairs
  • 5th Wheel Maintenance/Inspections
  • Diagnostic computer hook up
  • DOT Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections
  • Trailer Repairs
  • & More! – Click here for more options Mobile Service Division

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Most options are available for same day service in and around Atlanta.