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12×1 qrt/case, 4×1 gal case, or 5 gallon pail

READY-TO-USE GEL STOVE AND OVEN CLEANER (104801, 104824, 104835)

Zep OVEN BRITE is a heavy duty, clinging, industrial stove and oven cleaner that quickly removes carbon deposits, greasy wastes, and baked-on foods from ovens, grills, hoods, griddles, racks, burners, rotisseries, and drip pans. It is economical and easy to use, with no scrubbing or scraping required. OVEN BRITE will rinse freely, and it is non-flammable. It may be used on pots and pans, ceramic ware, glass, porcelain, iron, stainless steel, and chrome. OVEN BRITE is a thick, translucent, light amber liquid having a mild, non-objectionable odor. It is designed for use on all industrial and institutional ovens, grills, and stoves, as well as in hotels, motels, condominiums, apartments, fast food chains, restaurants, and bakeries.

  • Quickly penetrates tough, baked-on soils for complete removal from surfaces without scrubbing or scraping
  • Thickened formulation provides longer contact time with soil on vertical surfaces for more thorough cleaning
  • Does not have the strong, unpleasant odor often associated with oven cleaners

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