ZEP METER MIST AEROSOL – Lavender Chamomile (1) CASE


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(12) 7 OZ CANS PER (1) CASE


“Deodorant for daycares, schools, hotels, cars, offices, bathrooms”

Highly concentrated odor counteractants work effectively to fight the maladors arising from most surfaces. The Meter Mist aerosols are designed specifically for use in the Zep 3000 Plus and 3000 Select automatic dispensing systems, which provide metered sprays of the aerosol fragrances over a user-selected time period up to 90 days from one can.

  • A highly effective odor counteractant which neutralizes tough odors such as smoke, tobacco, mildew and pet malodors while leaving a pleasant fragrance in the air
  • Complies with all current VOC regulations in all states

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Weight 10 lbs