Safe2Dose GLASS CLEANER 4-2 liter/case



Formulated to remove light to moderate soils from Plexiglass and other surfaces without leaving streaks or smears behind. Cleans windows, auto glass, mirrors, appliances, glass desk tops, and display cases. Ideal in hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, department stores, vending machine companies, game rooms, and auto dealerships. Quickly penetrates and removes fingerprints, soil, smudges, dust, scum, and surface smears.


  • Economical – Dilutes 2 oz per gallon of cold water (1:64) for economical use.
  • Versatile – It can be used on all surfaces not harmed by water for general purpose cleaning.
  • Accurate – Dilutes precisely and safely through the Zep Dilution System without any chemical waste.


**Use Safe2Dose chemicals with a Zep Dilution Solution (ZDS) dispenser only


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Weight 18 lbs